The Gray Judge
When a family blames Susan Renner, spokeswoman for gray wolf protections, for the death of their little girl, hired hunter Kevin Hudson is compelled to serve as her protector. But as the situation worsens, Kevin grows more brutal, jeopardizing the safety of the very woman he would save.

The art spans from the beginning of my career, June 2015, until I finished the series in December 2016. It was a challenging experience that I consider an indispensable part of my development. Despite the inconsistencies in the developing art, the story is sincere and something rather unique in comics so I encourage anyone (that is 15+ years old) to read it.

You can now get the complete five-part miniseries, a 134 page DRM-free PDF, in my store for pay-what-you-want. 

Excerpt from part one 08/2015

Excerpt from part two 10/2015

Excerpt from part three 2/2016

Excerpt from part four 8/2016 (took a break to make The Boy and the Dragon)

Excerpt from part five (final part) 12/2016