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A collection of comics that retell folktales from Europe and around the world. Ranging from a four page nursery rhyme to a fifty-six page fairytale, the stories weave a shared, fantastical universe. Read it right here for the time being.​ Made in 2017.
When a family blames Susan Renner, spokeswoman for gray wolf protections, for the death of their little girl, hired hunter Kevin Hudson is compelled to serve as her protector. But as the situation worsens, Kevin grows more brutal,  jeopardizing the safety of the very woman he would save. 116 interior pages.  Mature.
Seventeen page bedtime story about a lonely boy who loses his only friend, a dragon, with whom he reunites in old age, after a long and arduous journey.  All ages.

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December 2017- Red Riding Hood added to Fallen Folktales
November 2017- Black Sheep added to Fallen Folktales
October 2017- Funny Folk added to Fallen Folktales
September 2017- Call of the Bunyip added to Fallen Folktales
August 2017- Final part of Snow Witch added to Fallen Folktales