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Fallen Folktales
Ongoing collection of black and white comics that put a dark spin on cherished childhood stories.  Wee Willie Winkie is the first one to go.
The Gray Judge
Five part miniseries that follows a guilt-ridden hunter (Kevin Hudson) and a passionate animal rights activist (Susan Renner) as they try to survive a vengeful family and an aggressive pack of gray wolves in the Rocky Mountain wilderness. Mature.
The Boy and the Dragon
Seventeen page comic about  a lonely boy who loses his only friend, a dragon with whom he can be reunited only after a long and arduous journey. 
All ages.
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Jan 18, 2017- The Gray Judge Part 5 added free-to-read
Jan 11, 2017- The Gray Judge Part 4 added free-to-read
Jan 4, 2017- even more updates, Wee Willie Winkie added to Fallen Folktales, The Gray Judge part 3 added free-to-read
Dec 2016- new site lauched, full issues of The Gray Judge part 1 and 2 added and part 5 preview added